Hand Controls & Wheelchair Restraints

    • Q’Straint is committed to the idea that mobility passengers deserve access to the same level of safety as those in factory seats.  To this end, they continually lead the field in research and development, engineering and support.  Through their commitment to providing innovative solutions, Q’Straint is Making Safety Accessible.


    • The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor; saving you both time and effort. The automatic docking base allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. With the EZ Lock system, it’s easy for you to meet your mobility needs; whether you’re driving or just enjoying the ride.


    • MPS has been producing top quality disabled driving aids for over 40 years. Over the years MPS has designed and manufactured numerous driving aids including, right angle, push/pull & push/rock hand controls, left foot accelerators, steering devices, parking brake extensions, and gas & brake guards. Our team takes pride in innovative designs and superior workmanship.