Transfer Seats

We offer a variety of transfer seat bases.  These seats are available for nearly any vehicle, including all makes of accessible minivans and full-size wheelchair vans as well as SUVs, pickups, and crossovers.

Our transfer seats are built with safety, reliability, and ease of use in mind.  In most cases, we can install your transfer seat with only minor modifications to your vehicle.

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Bruno Valet® Signature Seating
Bruno introduced turning seat solutions to the US market in 2000 and continues to be the market leader.

The Bruno Valet Signature Seating is a simple and reliable driver or passenger solution for access to higher vehicles. The Valet provides full power operation to eliminate the twisting, turning and climbing associated with entering and exiting many vehicles. One button control makes operation a snap!



Bruno Valet® Plus
A step above the Valet Seat, Bruno’s Valet Plus is a luxury seat that combines elegance with marvelous functionality and represents the reward you deserve.

Individually programmed at installation to ensure the best fit and function, the Valet Plus features power forward/backward seat adjustment with full seat recline. The best driver access seat available today. With an impressive array of colors, and new Metro Tech fabric and Ultraleather™ Plus materials – it feels like the seat has been tailored just for you!